Leto is the Greek Goddess of motherhood.  I see mothers as nurturers and healers.  

About two weeks ago I stepped on the tiniest of plastic bottles (literally maybe a 1 or 2 oz travel size) and my foot landing flat on it in my parking garage left the rest of me flat on my face and front of my body.  Aches accompanied many parts of me, especially my knees and arms.  Thankfully I only obtained one small open wound, the size of a penny.  I was certain the following days would bring forth bruises in places I never knew I had, but I never got one (and I typically bruise easy).  

What to do with this open wound, that took away a few layers of skin and carefully centered a deep hole... I did what anyone would do, I called upon what would help me nurture and heal.  I turned to Leto Goddess Hydrating Mist.

Now let me tell you, Leto is just water, but it is a very special water.  Leto is reengineered to a smaller water molecule that allows it to penetrate and hydrate at a cellular level.  I have purchased it in the past to give to clients to support their breast health, surgical birth scars, babies diaper rashes, circumcisions and more.  I myself did not need it for any of those things but I have my own bottle that I spritz to refresh my face and dry spots and I gave one to my mom for her fire hydrant.  When I saw this big open wound, for some reason, Leto was the first thing that came to mind.  I had my husband come down to the parking garage and bring my first aid kit, I wiped it clean with alcohol and put a band aid on temporarily.  Within about 2 hours I started to use Leto and I did so every day for over a week.  The only other thing used were regular band aids and of course showering and hand washing.  Most of the time I sprayed, air dried and left open.  (In addition I want to clearly state that I was not endorsed or asked to provide this test nor was I given product, I used my own and did not tell Leto people until a few days into the injury that I was using it for my healing).

The following are the photos of my healing journey.

I personally think I have healed up nicely and it feels pretty normal.  My new skin is doing well and still pink tones but overall close to nothing ever happening.  

If you would like to learn more about Leto for your personal uses whether it be for mothering or just everyday use, you can find out more here - http://www.letogoddess.com

What is your go to for natural healing? I think I need to get more Leto!

<3 Erin

UPDATE: (1/3/2014) I was just mentioning Leto to someone and told them about my wrist and sent a photo. I thought I should post it here too. There is no scar at all and it has been this way for months.

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