Recently while on facebook I saw this beautiful image pop up as a friend of mine commented on it.  Immediately I just felt it was so breathtaking, so much I loved in one photo.  So I contacted the mom to ask her more about the image as the title read, "Cooling off after mango picking all morning."  I mean really, I want to hold a squishy baby in gorgeous clear waters after picking mangoes... I had to know more. 

     Finding Cissy happened at the right time, I had been (and still am) exploring a healthier diet and trying to pay more attention to my nutrition.  Cissy eats a low fat raw food diet (80/10/10) and is passionate about sharing a raw food lifestyle with others and spreading GMO awareness.  

     When I asked about baby Penny (in the photo), Cissy said at 40 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, laboring for hours in a hospital under construction, at the end it took 20 minutes of pushing and her sweet girl was born weighing 9.2 lb.  "I opted out of every vaccine, Vitamin K shot, and started breastfeeding my girl as soon as I could. She latched on perfectly. She is now almost 9 months old and pretty much still exclusively breastfed. I give her tastes of my fruit, green smoothies, raw soups, and green juices. She LOVES mango. Not a huge fan of bananas." 

     In short, Cissy is a whole lot more than meets the eye.  This gorgeous, fit and tattooed beauty is a mother of 3, youngest under 1 and oldest is 15!  hailing from Southern California, this photo was taken while living in Maui and her family has recently moved to Australia.  Cissy and her husband are tattoo artists and thankfully they can work anywhere, how lucky!  Her message to other families is "to raise healthy kids. They deserve to have the right stuff given to them, and we DESERVE to know what is being put into our foods." 

     Coming across Cissy was certainly inspiring. I am excited to learn from her and pick her brain about her healthy lifestyle.  Although she has not been on her blog recently it still may be one for you to add to your list to follow for when she settles in her new home and picks back up again: www.cissylala.com

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