Fertility is a real struggle that approximately 15% of American couples are facing.  Financing fertility treatment is not easy for anyone, you never know what your real costs will be or of the outcome.  We knew if we wanted a chance to conceive we had to reach out.  Fundraising for our fertility journey was the only way we saw our dreams being made a possibility. We are not getting any younger, it will take us years to save up to do it on our own, reducing our chances of a successful outcome.  For so many families that are struggling they choose not to share with friends and or family and may not have a support system, many feeling ashamed or embarrassed or just not wanting to be a focal point of conversation or pity.  For many infertility is so taboo.  The bigger struggle for me personally was that I love to help others so much that I felt ashamed to seek support and to also share my broken feelings... my broken body and I guess also my broken heart.  As you go through life you either want children or you don't, but most do not come to age and prepare to start a family with doubt of it happening.  I just thought "when we are ready, we will get pregnant and we will have a baby."  It is not that easy.  Every conception and baby is a true miracle, it does not just come easy to everyone.  We also know that IVF is not the only way to become parents, we have talked about becoming foster parents down the road and only time will tell.

So here we are, seeking support.  Support can come in so many ways and each bit of it plays a very important role in our journey.  Compassion and kindness are the most important factors that will help us achieve our goals of being parents.  

We woke up this morning eager to see what America would see as Good Morning America shared our segment.  It is amazing what actually gets put together after 1.5 hours of interviews, it was just a tiny piece.  In the interview we discussed adoption, doula work, health, family and more.  

We knew there would be a lot of criticism and controversy over our sharing, but the reality is that those people do not matter and their issues are their own.  We will continue holding hope and if having a baby through IVF is not what the future holds we will move on to other options.  Opening your heart and asking for help is never easy, but despite all of the negative we are still thankful we did.  

I also briefly want to say a few thank you's... Thank you to our parents, our family and our friends and the friends of our family and friends. Thank you to my doula families and colleagues. Thank you to the health providers along the way and to the current Dr's and Midwives that are along the fertility journey with us. Thank you to Birth Without Fear, De Su Mama, Baby Zone, YouCaring and Good Morning America. Thank you to the kindness of others that have sent us a bounty of love. There is so much to be thankful for!

Here are some of the links that are sharing our story today:

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Thank you all so much for coming along this wild ride.  <3 <3 <3

Teri Yonaka
8/19/2013 05:03:27 am

Such a heart felt testimonial! I wish them all the luck in the world conceiving their baby. Hopefully this time next year we'll be throwing a huge baby shower! This deserving mom & dad - to - be are in my prayers.


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