PictureKrip√° and I visiting one of the sweet babies I was a doula for.
In just a few short hours, our Fertility journey and fundraising efforts, will be shared on Good Morning America.  

On Monday, August 19th, our Fertility story will be shared with all that will listen across America and here we sit feeling nervous, anxious, excited, hopeful and open.  Open of what this will mean for ourselves and for others.  We know we are fortunate to go through this during a time where we have so many resources, support groups, treatment options and even more the ability to use social media, the internet and crowd funding to share.  Opening up about our own struggles and our story has not only filled us with love from others, but allowed us to support others similarly struggling that have not yet found comfort in sharing their own journey.  Many have confided in us and been thankful to us for giving them encouragement and motivation to not feel ashamed nor embarrassed.  It is amazing to still be able to help others in a time where we became most vulnerable and decided we could not go at it alone and to ask for support.  

We are forever grateful to those that have invested in our dream to become parents, shared our story and sent us words of hope and love.  Our hearts are out on the table and we are eager to see what the morning will bring.

Thank you to all... and to all a goodnight.  

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    Venus is the Roman goddess that encompasses love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. 

    I am Venus Birth, I spread love, believe in beauty, my husband thinks im sexy, I struggle with fertility, but with support I will be prosperous and victorious.


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