Being as though I do not have health insurance I decided to go a different route to obtain the long list of labs I need as "prerequisites" for our fertility treatment.  My hubby needed some too.  When we priced the labs out with the Fertility Clinic the costs came to about $3000.  That was not going to work for us!

Being in the birth field I knew there had to be another way.  I first hit the internet looking up the various tests I needed done and checking to see if I could get labs done on my own.  The search led me to reach out to a birth center as well as a local midwife.  When my local midwife friend responded with the costs of the labs if I went through her, it was a no brainer!  A couple of weeks later, dear midwife came to our apartment with all the tubes needed and our list, and on my living room couch I patiently had 7 vials of blood drawn.  My husband had one taken (the guys get off so easy in this journey don't they ;p ).  Because I have crappy veins, the best one she found was on top of my hand.  With Disney Princess band-aids being all I had, I felt like I was raising my fist for Princess Power the rest of the day.  I had never been so excited in my life to have my blood taken, I HATE needles (something I need to overcome soon for IVF anyway).  Having it done at home makes a world of difference.  I was able to relax and be comfortable and it was hassle free.  

In addition to our midwife saving us a couple thousand dollars and coming to our home, she also told us about an opportunity with one of the tests that we may qualify for Financial Aid.  The Counsyl test typically costs over $500, but when we shared our story and income level they quickly let us know that we qualified to have it done completely free.  The Counsyl test lets you know if you have any genetic factors that should be known and the risk basically to offspring.  The even bigger bonus was after we completed the Counsyl test, they contacted me to participate in a survey and gifted me a $25 Amazon card.  (I used it to buy crafting supplies that I will use to make items to sell to raise more baby money).  The gift just keeps on giving.  

The big moral of the story is, SHOP AROUND!  We are so thankful we did.  

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